By Victoria Ntuli


(Casey is still standing outside with Bob by the front door) 

CASEY: Don’t just stare at me, I asked you a question? Have you been following me around?

BOB: No. You know, I have my ways.

CASEY: You hacked my phone? 

BOB: (looks down)

CASEY: (shocked) You did?

BOB: No, I would never. I wanted to check up on you.

CASEY: This is not the time. My dad is around. Can we meet tomorrow at the park?

BOB: Okay.

(Casey turns to open the door to find his dad still seated)

MR ROGERS: Who was that?

CASEY: A friend.


(Zandra and Tom are seated opposite each other around a table in the visitor’s room. One police officer is standing by the door) 

TOM: I’m so sorry love. I’m sorry I failed to protect you.

ZANDRA: It’s okay. How it is going with the plans of getting me out of here?

TOM: (sighs)

ZANDRA: Huh-uh don’t give me that.

TOM: Currently there is no progress.

ZANDRA: Why are you here then? You should be out there finding ways to get me out. It’s my bail hearing tomorrow and you still don’t have a plan?

TOM: (snaps) I’m not like you. What do you want me to do? I don’t have connections

ZANDRA: (whispers) But I saw you giving the.. you know.. something that night.

TOM: (sighs) He scammed me.

ZANDRA: (shocked) What? What do you mean? I thought…

TOM: (interrupts) I mean exactly that.

ZANDRA: (hits the table with a fist) Damn! You need to make a plan. You must get me out of here.

TOM: You are a first time offender. Chances of getting a bail are high.

(Zandra shakes her head now pacing up and down in fright. Tom is watching her helpless and ashamed)


(The next day Casey and Bob are walking by the dam at the park)

BOB: I’m sorry about yesterday. I don’t know what got to me.

CASEY: I was not expecting you. How did you get hold of my address?

BOB: (keeps quiet for a moment) Uhm.. Selina. Yes I got your address from Selina.

CASEY: Selina gave you my address? But.. (confused)

BOB: She did. Forget about Selina how did it go with your case? 

CASEY: (chuckles) My case? I love the sound of that. Maybe I should consider being a detective. I nailed that case. No we, you, me and Selina nailed that case.

BOB: (smiles) It’s your case. You went all out. You were consistent, you fought until your name was cleared. I’m proud of you.

CASEY: Thank you!

BOB: (stops and holds Casey’s hands) I need to tell you something

CASEY: I’m listening.

BOB: (looking into Casey’s eyes) I think I like you

CASEY: (laughs) You are joking right?

BOB: I’m not joking. I like you. I love spending time with you. Remember the first time we met?

CASEY: I do remember. I thought we are friends.

BOB: when did we ever declared that?

CASEY: You helped me with so many things, hacking Alex’s phone and finding Zandra’s location. You are a God sent.  A faithful friend.

BOB: I want more than a friendship. I want more. I believe we can be more. That is if you give us a chance.

CASEY: (looks at Bob and blushes) You really like me?

BOB: No.

CASEY: (shocked)

BOB: No, actually I don’t like you I love you.

CASEY: This is heavy for me. Considering that I just lost a boyfriend

BOB: Ex-boyfriend not a boyfriend. We are talking about someone who was a serial cheater. Someone who never cared about your feelings and your precious heart. Please don’t tell me about a dead person

CASEY: (sighs deeply) I don’t think I’m ready to be in another relationship (pulls her hands from Bob’s) plus my dad is going to sell my apartment meaning that I will be staying at home full time. Dad won’t allow.. you know.. sleepovers. 

BOB: (laughs) Hey slow down. Who talked about sleep overs?

(They both giggle holding hands)


(Later that day Casey walks in the kitchen to find his dad making a sandwich)

CASEY: Perfect timing

MR ROGERS: Huh-Uh. You have your own hands.

CASEY: It’s enough for two people

MR ROGERS:  Correct, for me and Sarah

CASEY: (frowns) Oh. Where is she?

MR ROGERS:  Our bedroom.

CASEY: Oh. Dad can I talk to you about something,

MR ROGERS: Can’t it wait?

CASEY: I want to get over and done with it

MR ROGERS:  Go ahead. I’m listening.

CASEY: I was thinking it’s best if we don’t sell the apartment.

MR ROGERS:  But we agreed.

CASEY: But dad that was before we found out the truth. I’m innocent and since you will marry Sarah the two of you will need space.

MR ROGERS:  What space? There’s enough space for all of us

CASEY: Dad, you don’t get it. I need my own space, my own privacy. You guys also need your own space. I’m a grown woman. My peers have their own apartments.

MR ROGERS: But they are working. Your apartment is taking a toll on me. I have to make sure you have electricity and food. All the TV subscriptions are paid by me not to forget the clothes. Its better when you stay here plus we are all preparing for a wedding. 

CASEY: (disappointed) Oh, so if I get a job I can move in my apartment?

MR ROGERS: Of course. There is something want to talk to you about. I have been meaning to tell you and I think you are now ready for this conversation. 

CASEY: I’m all ears

MR ROGERS: (laughs) Come on, not now. It’s rude to keep a lady waiting.


(Mr Smith enters Alex’s home after they have said come in. He sits on the available unoccupied sofa. On the other couches is Alex’s brother and sister)

MR SMITH: Good afternoon

ALEX’S SISTER: Good afternoon detective.

MR SMITH: How did the funeral go?


MR SMITH: Let me not waste more time. I’m here to inform you that we have arrested the suspect of your brother’s death

ALEX’S SISTER: Please tell us something we don’t know.

MR SMITH: You know?

ALEX’S BROTHER: It’s all over the news.

MR SMITH: I’m so sorry. I was supposed to come yesterday to deliver the news but I wanted to give you space. Zandra Hill killed your brother. All the evidence points to her. She claims that she is innocent though.

ALEX’S SISTER: Okay. That’s all?

MR SMITH: Uhm.. No. I want to ask you guys few questions.

ALEX’S BROTHER: Why? When you already have a killer.

MR SMITH: This is a complex case that we took lightly. How was the relationship between Alex and Zandra?

ALEX’S BROTHER: It was pretty good. Zandra was like a sister to us. They practically did everything together.
MR SMITH: So, your brother never introduced other girls?

ALEX’S SISTER: He wouldn’t dare. Dad made it clear that you only introduce one partner to the family. In the start of their relationship-six months dating, he introduced Zandra and we all fell in love with her. Then dad advised Alex to get an apartment so they can have their own space.

MR SMITH: (opens his notebook and writes down few notes) Okay. When last did she come visit the family?

ALEX’S BROTHER: Before or after, you know?


ALEX’S BROTHER: I can’t remember but after he was killed Zandra came the next day. She slept here for few days then went back to her apartment the day before the funeral. She promised to come the next day in the morning. That was the last time we saw her.

ALEX’S SISTER: Before his death I bumped into them at a mall doing shopping.

MR SMITH: Did you know Casey and Selina before your brother was killed?

ALEX’S SISTER: No. His phone could have assisted in finding the real killer in time but it is nowhere to be found.

ALEX’S BROTHER: We suspect that it was thrown in the river as well.

Mr SMITH: (stands up) Okay. I hope you guys are going to be okay. please tell your parents I was here.


(Zandra has another visitor. Nova walks in the visiting room to find Zandra already seated)

NOVA: (pulls a chair, wipes it and sits down) You did it? Didn’t you? They even denied you a bail. Don’t try to hide the truth from me (throws Zandra with a dirty tissue) I always have to clean up after your mess.

ZANDRA: I’m so sorry mom. It was a mistake

NOVA: (whispers angrily) How is killing someone a mistake? 

ZANDRA: (sobs) Sorry!

NOVA: Dry those tears. This is not the time for tears.

ZANDRA: (sniffs) Sorry. Maybe we can submit another bail application.

NOVA: (sighs deeply) Forget about the second bail hearing. We are in a war now. Who put you through all this mess?

 ZANDRA: Casey. She was the one doing all the digging and she found the truth.

NOVA: Why was she devoted in finding the truth?

ZANDRA: I framed her.

NOVA: Oh, makes sense. And the evidence?

ZANDRA: The police have the evidence?

NOVA: (concerned) That is?

ZANDRA: Diary and cell phone

NOVA: (shocked) you must be kidding me! Who does that? Let me guess the diary details everything that happened that night and oh the cell phone has chats planning the whole killing 

ZANDRA: (nods)

NOVA: (slaps Zandra across the face) You are so stupid. Didn’t you learn a thing or two from your father? Why didn’t you burn those things? Stupid child! I left work for this nonsense? Something that could have been avoided. You called me for nonsense, pure bullshit!

ZANDRA: (places her hand on the left cheek) I was not a main suspect. I didn’t know they will come after me. I had everything covered.

NOVA: Everything covered? Covered where? We wouldn’t be here if everything was covered. 

ZANDRA: We tried our level best Mom, atleast appreciate that.

NOVA: (laughs) I give up there’s a “We” Who is this other person involved?

ZANDRA: A friend

NOVA: I’m not stupid. I want all the truth before I can help you that’s if I help you. Who is this friend?

ZANDRA: Tom, my boyfriend.

NOVA: (nods) Okay, okay.

ZANDRA: There’s more.

NOVA: What?

ZANDRA: I also wrote on the cards. The cards have my finger prints and handwriting

NOVA: What cards? I’m lost.

ZANDRA: Roses cards

NOVA: The framing?


(Nova raises her hands signalling that she gives up. Without saying any word she stands up and the police officer opens the door for her)

NOVA: You are on your own. I can’t help you!

(Nova slaps the door behind her leaving Zandra frustrated) 




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