By Victoria Ntuli


(The next day Casey is pushing Layla on the swing and Mr Rogers is watching them)

MR ROGERS: I have no tell you something.

CASEY: (looks back once and continues pushing) Let me guess? It’s about you and Sarah

MR ROGERS: Come let’s all sit down so we can talk properly.

(They all sit on the empty benches)

MR ROGERS: The wedding is off

CASEY: What? Why?

MR ROGERS: My budget is not right.

CASEY: Dad you said you have savings.

MR ROGERS: (sighs) This wedding made me realise that I don’t have money and that I don’t save enough. Yes, I can cover bills, pay school fees, buy grocery but that’s it my salary doesn’t cover beyond that. Then there’s insurance, funeral cover and Tracker Company.

CASEY: (frowns) Oh, Does that mean going back to school is also off?

MR ROGERS: We need to find a cheaper school. The only money available in my account is R15 000. 

CASEY: Hectic. It’s okay. A friend said he will help me find a cheaper school.

MR ROGERS: Good. We need to really cut costs. I think I need to invest my time in multiple streams of income. 

CASEY: Does that mean I won’t be moving back to the apartment?

MR ROGERS: (sighs) When you are here am able to save. Look, in your apartment I have to pay electricity, water, Netflix, Wi-Fi, grocery and toiletries. It’s just too much!

CASEY: (nods) I hear you. Let’s rent the apartment out. That way you will get additional income. Maybe you can save the rental money towards your big wedding.

MR ROGERS: No. Save towards both your education. Soon Layla will finish school and you are also finishing in two years’ time, that money will come in handy for higher learning institutions.

CASEY: Dad, I’m so sorry for making your life difficult. I didn’t know that staying in the apartment was causing financial constraints on your side. I think it’s time I find a job.

MR ROGERS: Job and school? No, focus on one thing.

CASEY: but dad I will be studying online. I have made up my mind. I will start looking for a job so I can contribute in the house

MR ROGERS: Thank you. Now you are talking like a real adult that you are. Speaking of adulting - You came very late last night. Where were you?

CASEY: No dad! Let’s not go there.

MR ROGERS: (smiles) Who is he?

CASEY: There’s no way I’m telling you. We are not discussing my love life.

MR ROGERS: Let’s discuss. I don’t want to find police officers on my doorstep for another murder

CASEY: (laughs) I don’t want that experience ever again. I remember when the Alex news broke I burned everything of his. I didn’t want to be associated with him

MR ROGERS: What did you burn exactly?

CASEY: I burned all his photos, our photos, the love letters and his T shirts. I’m glad that chapter is closed now. No more Alex! No more Zandra!

MR ROGERS: (jokes) I should also burn Sarah’s things

CASEY: (shocked) Dad… is the wedding off due to finances or you guys have broken up

MR ROGERS: (walks away) I’m not answering that

CASEY: (laughs) Adulting! (takes Layla’s hand) Let’s continue where we left off.


(Tom is making out with a girl. They are kissing passionately. Tom takes off the girl’s crop top and they are now both half naked in Tom’s living room on a couch. On the table there are bottles of alcohol, cigarettes and ashtray. Empty bottles of alcohol are lying down on the floor. The police officers kick open the door of Tom’s apartment. The couple in shock look for their clothes that were on the floor. The girl quickly wears her crop top then takes the bra and heels and heads off pushing the police officers and Mr Smith on the doorway)

TOM: (stands up and shouts) What the fuck!

MR SMITH: Already moved to the next skirt, huh? You are living a soft life on expense of Zandra’s freedom

TOM: Dude, what’s wrong with you? See what you have done? You can’t just barge in here. You are invading my privacy.

MR SMITH: (laughs) Your freedom ends here. You are under arrest for the murder of Alex Miller.

TOM: (shocked) What? I didn’t do it! Zandra did it.

(Mr Smith points with his head and one officer hand cuff Tom)

POLICE OFFICER: You have a right to remain silent, you have a right to…

TOM: (interrupts) Stop! Wait!  I can explain. I will tell you everything that happened that night.

MR SMITH: Too late for that. Zandra confessed everything. You were trying to play hero right? Look what that has done to you. Take him to the van.

TOM: (begs) Please listen to me. You are making a mistake. Whatever she told you it’s a lie. Playing hero how? Talk to me detective!

(Mr Smith blinks one eye to Tom smiling and watch the whole team leave with Tom)


(Mr Smith is at the station on the phone with Nova)

MR SMITH: I have good news Ma’am.

NOVA: I’m all ears.

MR SMITH: Zandra is being released today at 12:00, come fetch her.

NOVA: (excited) What? Are you for real?  My baby is coming home? What happened? Why are you releasing her? 

MR SMITH: (rolls eyes) You will get all the details at the station

NOVA: I’m on my way


(Inside the station, Zandra is signing a release form at the front desk. Nova walks in and immediately runs to hug Zandra after spotting her)

NOVA: Oh, my baby! (squeezes her tightly)

ZANDRA: (smiles) Mom! 

NOVA: (holds her hands) Are you okay?

ZANDRA: I’m fine. Let me finish this (turns to the desk to continue filling the form)

(Nova spots Mr Smith passing by the hallway)

NOVA: (shouts) Mr Smith was it that hard to find the real culprit?

MR SMITH: (stops) I’m not having this conversation with you as you can see I’m very busy. Be glad that your child is going out of this place.

NOVA: Who did it? Who killed Alex? I want to see the person who put my child through trauma.

MR SMITH: Ask Zandra (walks away)

NOVA: Zandra who killed Alex Miller?

ZANDRA: (hands the form to the officer) Let’s go Mom. We will talk in the car.

(Nova leads the way out of the police station and heads to her car then opens the doors with a remote and they both hop in. Nova starts the engine and hits the road) 

NOVA: Who is this guy you were protecting?

ZANDRA: Tom. My boyfriend

NOVA: Something is off here. You confessed to me that you killed Alex and now this? What is going on?

ZANDRA: Don’t act surprised. I framed Tom like I framed Casey.

NOVA: (shocked) The lying continues. The poor guy will spend years in jail for something he didn’t do.

ZANDRA: (clicks tongue) Serves him right. You won’t believe this. He had already moved on. Mr Smith told me that he was with some girl having sex. Imagine!

NOVA: Stay away from boys. They are not good for you or is it the other way round?

ZANDRA: I’m glad all of this is over. Come to think of it, I should have framed Tom from the start to save myself from all the trauma of being in jail

NOVA: Holding cell

ZANDRA: Its one and the same thing trust me

NOVA: On a serious note, this thing of killing should stop. You can’t be killing everyone who crosses you. If someone doesn’t treat you well - you walk away, okay? I don’t believe that my only daughter is a killer. I don’t want you to walk in your father’s shoes.

ZANDRA: And your shoes as well. I know your business dealings. I know everything

NOVA: We are truly a messed up family. Our lives are a mess. Changing is not an option for me because that is the only thing that puts food on the table. I want you to focus on yourself, build your career, get a job or further your studies. I don’t want you to live the life we are living it’s not worth it.

ZANDRA: (nods) There’s no way Tom will win this case. He has no connections, no money or maybe I should rescue him since I’m the one who put him there.

NOVA: Are you out of your mind. You can’t save him. You saved yourself. What do you think he will do to you when he comes out? He will kill you, he will never be the same.

ZANDRA: (sobbing) What kind of a person Am I, Mom? Am I that horrible to a point where I turn on my boyfriend the person I claimed to love? Please help him escape. Help him escape tonight. 

NOVA: (laughs) I’m not helping your boyfriend. You knew what you were doing when you put him in there (laughs out loud) Are you crazy? I failed to help you escape now you think I can help your boyfriend.




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