By Victoria Ntuli


SELINA: Hello.

SECURITY GUARD: (chewing a gum) How can I help you?

SELINA: (whispers) We would like to get into a certain room here.

SECURITY GUARD: (places hands on her waist) So?

SELINA: We don’t have keys.

SECURITY GUARD: So, nifunani?

SELINA: Uhm…sorry?

SECURITY GUARD: Sorry? You want to rent an apartment, you want to buy an apartment or you want to visit a friend?

CASEY: (clears her throat) Did you see the girl who went out just now?

SECURITY GUARD: The girl? There are so many girls who come in and out of this building. (points) See those two girls are also going out. How would I know which girl you are talking about?

SELINA: Uhm…the white girl…Zandra.

SECURITY GUARD: There are lots of white girls here.

CASEY: (sighs) The girl with the red pinkish hair, Zandra, I am sure you know her. She was wearing black jeans, black boots, white crop top and a black leather jacket.

SECURITY GUARD: Oh, the one who went out with her boyfriend just now?

CASEY: (relieved) Yes, that one. Do you perhaps know her room number and maybe have spare keys?

SELINA: (shocked) Is that her boyfriend?

SECURITY GUARD: Yep, that is her boyfriend (laughs) is that your boyfriend too? I hope you guys didn’t bring “Uyajola nine9” vibes here.

CASEY: (gives Selina a bad look)

SECURITY GUARD: (points) Do you see how big this building is? And you come here and ask me Zandra’s room number. How the hell am I supposed to know which room she stays in? I am just a worker. I get paid to protect the tenants, not to know their room numbers. Go back where you come from because whatever you smoked is playing with your minds.

SELINA: (annoyed) We will pay you.

CASEY: R5000 to give us Zandra’s keys to her room.

SECURITY GUARD: Oh, hey you girls! why didn’t you say that from the start? Now we have wasted unnecessary time, come follow me, I think I know where she stays.

(they both smile, following the security guard)


(Inside the car is Zandra and her boyfriend Tom. Tom is driving the latest White Polo.)

TOM: I want you to delete those Facebook posts. What you had with that boy is over.

ZANDRA: (lights a cigarette on her mouth) I will delete them immediately after the funeral. Tomorrow I will delete everything that will remind me of him. I can’t believe he played me for years.

TOM: (laughs) I warned you. I told you Alex is bad news and you were in denial.

ZANDRA: True but you know love is blind. I really loved him. I’m glad it’s all over now, no girl will suffer because of him anymore (blows cigarette smoke from her mouth and the entire car is filled with smoke)

TOM: (shakes his head) What time is the funeral?

ZANDRA: 09:00, I think.

TOM: What business do you have with Alex’s family? You are always there.

ZANDRA: (laughs) Even when he is dead he still makes you feel insecure. I saw how you looked at me when I told you that I really loved him. Come on, love. He is dead, he is not coming back. You don’t have any competition or anyone to worry about for that matter.

TOM: I was just a weirdo at school, a boring nerd who loved nothing but science (smiles) Oh, I also loved you so much and you never noticed me. You were after (sighs) the bad boys.

ZANDRA: I’m a bad girl. Used to hang out with the baddest (inhales the cigarette) many are shocked how much I have changed.

TOM: You changed? Don’t bluff.

ZANDRA: (looks at Tom) I’m dating a softy. Its crystal clear I have changed.

TOM: No, you didn’t change. You changed me. From a nerd to a….

ZANDRA: Yeah that but we both did it (throws the cigarette out the window)

TOM: I did a lot of bad things with you. Super cool memories.

ZANDRA: (smiles and nods) Yeah. Oh no!

TOM: (opens the car window) What?

ZANDRA: I forgot my phone. How could I be so stupid?

TOM: At least we’re not far, but you’re not expecting any calls right? And it is safe in your room, we can’t go back just for a phone, come on, love.

ZANDRA: No, you know how Alex’s sister is. She calls nonstop and she expects me to answer every time she calls. I have to answer my calls. I can’t afford to raise suspicions.

TOM: OK, we will not stay long at the restaurant, we will order take-aways and come back straight to your room.

ZANDRA: (frowns) No.



(In Zandra’s room)

SECURITY GUARD: I am giving you 5 minutes, Ok? (bangs the door behind her)

(Casey and Selina go through Zandra’s apartment. They start their search in the kitchen. Selina opens a fridge and kitchen units. she quickly moves to the sitting room - there she searches under pillows of the coaches on the other hand Casey is in the bathroom. Selina then heads to the main bedroom; Zandra’s bedroom. Casey follows her after shutting the bathroom door)

SELINA: (is the first to enter Zandra’s room) She left her phone (rushes to take the phone that was safely placed on top of the bed)

CASEY: Go through it! (opens the drawer) I found her diary.

SELINA: (Shocked) Oh my God, I think we should get out of here.

CASEY: What is it?

(Selina continues going through the phone not looking nor responding Casey)

CASEY: (pages through the diary and photos fall down, Casey picks them up) Look, all the pictures of girls Alex dated. Our pictures are also there.

SELINA: What? Eight girls?

CASEY: (concerned) We should really go for HIV testing. I can’t believe this. Here I am thinking is the only 3 of us.

SELINA: Wait! You mean to tell me that you were not using protection?

CASEY: (looks down) This is not the time and place.

SELINA: Check the day when Alex was murdered and see what she wrote.

CASEY: (Quickly pages through the diary) Found it.

SELINA: It says? Here in their WhatsApp conversation, they were fighting. Alex refused to dump me and…

CASEY: (interrupts Selina) Oh God! We need to go! We need to phone the police. She did it. Zandra killed Alex.

SELINA: (panics) What does it say? Read out loud.

CASEY: "Tonight I will show you the real me. Tonight I will teach you a lesson you will never forget, you don’t deserve to live, you have hurt many girls. I’ll put a stop to that. The world will be a better place without you. Choosing Selina over me was a big mistake. Goodbye Alex. RIP."

SELINA: (cries) He chose me, Alex chose me. Oh Alex, why did you leave me?

CASEY: (shouts throwing the diary down) Stop it! Stop it! Stop!  That does not change the fact that he cheated and he played us. He played us all.


(Zandra walks in her bedroom to find Casey and Selina going through her staff)

ZANDRA: (Claps hands) Wow! A party in my room that I know nothing about. What is going on here?

CASEY: (shocked) This is a mistake, I think we are in the wrong room, we thought it was our friend’s room. We should go now.

ZANDRA: (flicks her hair) Hmmm…. an ex and a side chick in Alex’s girlfriend’s room. Interesting! Honey, come see. I found two bitches in my room.

TOM: (walks in Laughing) Alex’s toys. Shouldn’t you guys be mourning or something?

ZANDRA: No, they are not, instead they’re busy snooping around. When did you guys become detectives? You know, actually you guys make great detectives. I guess our two beautiful detectives want the truth hmmm… The truth is I killed him, something you couldn’t do all these months. I did this for all of us, but since you guys won’t believe that I did this for us you will run to the police to have me arrested, right?

CASEY: No, we won’t, we understand why you did it, please let us go.

ZANDRA: Go where? Babe, bring the rope. They will be spending the night here.

TOM: No babe, what if that noisy security guard comes here. Let’s take them to the Horizon River.

SELINA & CASEY: (screaming) No!…No!…No!…

ZANDRA: Tom is right, we’re taking you to my favourite spot.

SELINA: (tears falling down her cheeks) Go ahead and kill us, it won’t help to beg. You will do it anyway, just know that you will never see heaven my dear.

ZANDRA: (laughs) Correct. I will kill you for not minding your own business and I will kill you for stealing my man. Oh, I hear you talk about heaven, what’s that? Tom is not going to see heaven too, we are all the same. (shouts) Tie them up Tom! 

(Tom is tying Selina and Casey)

TOM: Done, bring the dustbin.

ZANDRA: See, your little investigation got you in trouble. You guys will be spending the night with crocodiles in the Horizon River. Are you ready for the trip?

CASEY: (cries) This is all my fault, take me and leave Selina alone. I’m the one who dragged her into this whole thing.

ZANDRA: No, you two need to be punished for stealing my man.

SELINA: Alex is gone, why fight for him because you have already killed him. And you did this to punish him not us, you have said it yourself that we don’t deserve this. We didn’t deserve to be cheated on.

ZANDRA: Oh, you read my diary. I don’t have time for chit-chat. (turns to Tom) Time is not on our side, that noisy security guard may come anytime. Let’s get moving (throws sellotape to Tom). Close their mouths before they start causing a scene.

CASEY: Please let us go, we won’t tell anyone. I promise, we promise.

(Tom close their mouths with a sellotape and he puts Selina in a dustbin. Selina screams and kicks inside the dustbin trying to get out)

TOM: The other one won’t fit.

ZANDRA: Damn, take the first one. I will wait here.

TOM: This is risky. Let’s wait until its midnight.

ZANDRA: It’s going to be more risky and suspicious. The guards will ask why we are pushing a dustbin midnight.

TOM: Eish, true (pushes the dustbin and opens the main door to find the police, Mr Smith, Mr Rogers and the security guard standing)

TOM: (Shocked) what are you guys doing here? Zandra this was a trap.

MR SMITH : Well, well, well. What do we have here? (opens the dustbin)

(Selina is screaming and crying inside the dustbin)

(The police untie Casey and takes Selina out of the dustbin then unties her. Casey runs to hug Mr Rogers. Selina sits on the coach in the sitting room. The police are doing their job - searching the entire apartment. The phone and the diary are put in the plastic bag as evidence. One police officer arrests Zandra and walk out with her. Mr Smith and Tom follow them outside the apartment)

MR SMITH : Why did you do it?

ZANDRA: I didn’t do anything.

MR SMITH: you are going to deny even when all the evidence is collected? Running away from the truth won’t help you.

ZANDRA: I didn’t do anything and my lawyer will prove that.

(Mr Smith shakes his head walking back to the apartment)

MR SMITH : That’s it for tonight. You guys can leave. This is not over and this is far from being over.

(Mr Rogers, Casey and Selina leave Zandra’s apartment. Behind they are leaving the police and Mr smith. In the hallway they pass two police officers smoking. They take last stairs to exit the building. Far ahead by the exit gate,  Zandra is inside the police car. Outside the car is Tom and one police officer leaning against the police vehicle that was flashing blue and red lights. Tom whispers to the officer and they both look straight into each other’s eyes. Tom inserts his hand into his pocket and takes it out to shake hands with the officer. As they approach close to them. Tom leaves and enters in his white polo and drives off speedily. They watch him disappear to the end of the street).

SELINA: (with a low voice) Did you see that?

CASEY: This is far from being over.

MR ROGERS: (astonished) What?

(Casey and Selina look at each other and Mr Rogers opens the Range Rover door for them to enter. He shut the passenger door heading to the driver's side door).




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