By Victoria Ntuli


(The following day Casey and Layla are seated around the kitchen table eating breakfast. Mr Rogers and Sarah walk in to join them)

SARAH: Good morning! (smiles and opens the fridge to take out milk)

CASEY & LAYLA: Morning.

(Mr Rogers and Sarah take seats and Sarah pours milk to the two bowls with cereal in front of them)

MR ROGERS: So, how is everyone doing?

CASEY & LAYLA: (they both look at each other) Good!

MR ROGERS: (clears throat) That’s good. We also have good news uhm..

SARAH: (disturbs) We are getting married! (claps hands excitedly)

MR ROGERS: (smiles) Yes she is correct we are getting married. It’s finally happening. We are going to be one big family.

LAYLA: (shocked) So soon?

MR ROGERS: The sooner the better.

(Without uttering any word Casey stood up leaving the entire family. They all watch her leave)


(Later that day Casey is at the park, she is seated at the bench shaking one leg and both hands on her ears)

SELINA: I am here. What do you want? I don’t have the whole day.

CASEY: (looks back frightened) Oh you are finally here. You gave me a fright. Please sit (points at the empty bench)

SELINA: I don’t want to sit. Like I said I don’t have the whole day.

CASEY: (looks down) Okay, okay. I need your help!

SELINA: (laughs) And who are we killing this time?

CASEY: Please help me prove that I’m innocent.

SELINA: (sits next to Casey on the empty bench) You have nerves to ask for my help. What makes you think I will help you? After you have brutally murdered my boyfriend, huh?

CASEY: I am innocent. Please believe me.

SELINA: I don’t know why I agreed to meet you. How could you do this to Alex? To Alex’s parents? To me? How could you?

Casey: (looks her in the eyes) No, actually you killed him.

SARAH: What? Are you crazy? Do you know the feeling of waiting for someone and they never show up? They never show up because they are dead?  Do you have any idea the pain of losing the one you love?

CASEY: Stop, stop it! Just because you were at some stupid restaurant waiting for him doesn’t prove that you didn’t kill him. Yes you hired a hitman, you planned everything, on the day of his murder you made sure that you play very far from him, right? You did all of this to be seen as a victim, so that the police wouldn’t even suspect you.

SELINA: (clicks her tongue and stands up) I'm not going to listen to this madness.

CASEY: (also stands up and holds her hand) You are not going anywhere! We are not done here. Who is your hitman? Murderer! Who is he?

SELINA: (laughs) You are mad. You are exposing your character and your psychopath tendencies. Look at you, playing detective.

CASEY: Okay I’m sorry. Work with me please. Did he cheat on you also? Be honest. Help me clear my name.

SELINA: You are really sick (shakes her head) For your information Alex really loved me, it was just a matter of time before we could get married. And as for clearing your name you’ve got the wrong person, I’m not a police officer.

(Selina walks away leaving Casey more frustrated)

CASEY: (shouts) Selina, wait!

BOB: (clears throat) We meet again.

CASEY: (turns back scared) You gave me a fright.

BOB: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean too. Are you okay?

CASEY: Do I look okay? (frowns)

BOB: Bestie fights?

CASEY: (laughs) Bestie, come on she is not my friend. She is dating my ex ohh.. I mean was dating my ex.

BOB: Your ex is a busybody, moved to the next one?

CASEY: No! He is dead. He was killed.

BOB: (shocked) No! What? Are you serious?

CASEY: It’s all over the news. Alex?

BOB: Oh, Alex. I heard but I’m not following the case.

CASEY: I’m the main suspect.

BOB: whoa. Did you?

CASEY: Say it, kill him? No I didn’t. Selina doesn’t want to help me.

BOB: You mean the girl who just left?


BOB: You want help with? I can help you.

CASEY: (Excitedly) You can?

BOB: yes. I can help you with anything.

CASEY: (jumps up and down excited and hugs Bob) 



(Mr Rogers and Sarah are seated on sofas watching the news)

MR ROGERS: This is really irritating. Can I switch off the TV?

SARAH: You not interested in the case of Alex?

MR ROGERS: If Casey was not involved I was going to be interested but now ay..

SARAH: I know how you feel my love.

MR ROGERS: I have lost my sweet daughter, what happened to her? She has become so bitter. Since she lost her mom she has never been the same.

SARAH: Losing a parent is a tragic thing. Give her time she will heal.

MR ROGERS: (sighs) I hope so.

SARAH: Are you going to assist her?

MR ROGERS: Financially no. Babe I have saved money for our wedding and honeymoon not this nonsense of Casey’s. (takes off his glasses) I want to help her but I can’t afford a lawyer, I can’t.

LAYLA: But you can afford a wedding and honeymoon.

MR ROGERS & SARAH: (They both look back to see Layla standing holding a teddy bear)

MR ROGERS: How long have you been standing there?

LAYLA: Long enough.

MR ROGERS: How many times should I tell you not to eavesdrop on elders’ conversations? Since when are you like your sister?

LAYLA: Truth hurts right? Dad you have money but you choose to spend it on unnecessary things.

MR ROGERS: (shouts) My marriage, my happiness is unnecessary? I worked so damn hard for my money.  I’m not going to use the money on things that could have been avoided, I hope that this is a lesson to you too. If you involve yourself in dodgy things I will not be there to save you.

LAYLA: I want you to be happy and I also want big sister to be happy.

MR ROGERS: This is the first and last time you disrespect me like this, okay?

(Layla nods and Casey opens the door to find all her family members. She headed straight to her room without greeting)

MR ROGERS: Where do you think you are going?

Casey: (rolls her eyes) Daddy, what do you want?

MR ROGERS: Stand there next to your sister. Are you proud of the things you are doing? The embarrassment? Which picture are you painting for your younger sister here?

CASEY & LAYLA: (they both giggle)

MR ROGERS: (with a firm voice) What’s funny?

CASEY & LAYLA: (they both keep quiet looking down)

MR ROGERS: Casey your nonsense has rubbed off to your younger sister, what are you teaching Layla? Your behaviour is awful and I WILL NOT ALLOW IT IN MY HOUSE!

CASEY: (chuckles)

MR ROGERS: That’s it.  I’m going to sell your apartment. Your apartment will pay for your criminal activities. I worked so hard for my money and it is definitely not going to fund your crime.

ALL: what?

SARAH: Babe, maybe we could have discussed that before making such a huge decision, do you know what does that mean?

MR ROGERS: Yes, Yes! I know exactly what I’m doing. This one will be staying here, in this house.

SARAH: Babe, it means we will be staying with her full time, what about me?

CASEY: Trouble in paradise! (laughs walking away and Layla follows her)

MR ROGERS: It’s a problem when she stays here?

(Sarah stands up leaving Mr Rogers standing there alone)


(Two days later Casey and Bob are both seated down on the grass at the park)

CASEY: What do you have for me?

BOB: Nothing really, but we need to talk about Alex in general maybe we can pick something out.

CASEY: (rolls her eyes) Why did you call me if you have nothing for me?

BOB: You want my help or not?

CASEY: Sorry!

BOB: We need to hack his Facebook account 

CASEY: What? I’m no IT expert.

BOB: (laughs) You don’t need to be an IT expert to hack a Facebook account or any account for that matter.

CASEY: Okay that’s new. How are we going to do it?

BOB: (smiles) Watch me do all the work

CASEY: No Ways! You are a hacker? Can you hack my account?

BOB: if I want too then yes.

CASEY: Yoh! I would never date you. Imagine my boyfriend hacking all my social media accounts.

BOB: I wouldn’t hack your accounts if you didn’t give me a reason too.

CASEY: Lies. I would probably hack for fun.

(Bob keeps quiet, his eyes glued to the phone)

CASEY: The information I gave you yesterday will be enough right?

BOB: Yeah.

CASEY: The police won’t see that you hacked his account?

BOB: (raising his hand) SHH

CASEY: Sorry!

(After few minutes Bob raised his fist happily)

CASEY: What?

BOB: We are in!

Casey: You lie!

BOB: (hands the phone to Casey) Look.

CASEY: You are genius. You are good at this. Who taught you all of this?

BOB: It’s not hard plus you guys makes it easy for hackers to hack your accounts. Your passwords are easy to guess. Date of births, parents’ names, Easy-peasy.

CASEY: (eyes glued to the phone) hmm

BOB: What are you looking for?

CASEY: Inbox

BOB: Oh.

CASEY: NO! NO WAYS! You won’t believe this.

BOB: (raising eyebrows) what is it? Found something concrete?

CASEY: Alex was cheating on Selina. Alex was cheating on Selina with multiple girls. Alex is a bustard. How could he?

BOB: Wow really? What does that mean? Can we work with that information?

CASEY: I’m not sure but I have to tell Selina that she was not the only one. Can I take screenshots?

BOB: Yeah sure, you can.

Casey: (takes her phone and calls Selina)

Selina: You never give up hey.

CASEY: I have good news and bad news.

SELINA: You really think me and you are besties right?

CASEY: Can we meet as soon as possible.

SELINA: Where?

CASEY: At the park, same spot?

SELINA: NO. You come to my house.

CASEY: Okay.  I’m on my way right now. (drops the call)

BOB: Do you trust her? Can I go with you?

CASEY: (smiles) I will be fine.




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